My Story

I began my work career as a teacher!! YES a glutton for punishment .

Well I seem to have a connection with children, maybe I'm on their level, well I like to think so. I soon retired from teaching, when the job became not about children anymore.

These are my grandchildren with the MAN himself they are my creative spirit!!

Now what to do!! I know create something for children!! and eventually the personalised water bottle was created. I knew the importance of water in the classroom in conjunction with learning and why not use this to try and encourage children to drink it with a funky water bottle that they would love.

They don't have to have their names on, just the character's they love and function with ease for their parents (yes I am one of them too).

Water bottles then developed into a range of children's items that my own grandchildren love and use for school, all matching of course with their favourite characters. 

I had to consider the difficulty of buying gifts for teachers at the end of the year, being a teacher and a parent, this is a nightmare, so I created a range that is both affordable, thoughtful and original. The children love them, the teacher's love them as they can be easily displayed in their classrooms and the parents love them because the stress is taken away from thinking about this last minute present which you feel you must buy but also that you want to buy on a budget.

This led me onto my other gift selection when my customers began to ask me about items that I could or should offer, so I do.

Now it's your turn!! I hope you enjoy browsing through the store, and if you have any suggestions or any requests for anything that you would like sublimated that you do not see in the store today please do not be afraid to ask!!

I'm always open to new suggestions.

Thanks for being with me and my store